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A few projects to stretch my learning...

DNS Exfiltration & Detection Dissertation

A line of tools that creates DNS exfiltration attack and that will detect it with good accuracy. DNS exfiltration is the art of sneaking data out through DNS requests, a medium that is often overlooked by IDPS systems. This is a mechanism that is leveraged by various malware samples so tailored detection (eventually as a module) is key. The overall purpose was to understand the evolution of the cat and mouse game.


URL Fuzzer

A PoC tool to show my understanding of similar tools such as dirb and gobuster. It could be faster with multithreaded implementation and precise wordlists. I have included a popular wordlist commonly bundled with similar tools. You can configure the target, the port and list you want to use. It will scan recursivly. There is an option for verbosity if you want to see what is going on, along with some diagnostics at the end.


Corpus Caeser Cipher Cracker

A C++11 university project to expose the vulnerability in the most fundamental form of cryptography, the Caeser cipher. This illustrates that cryptography can be broken with logical thinking if the compute scope is not high enough. Tested on Ubuntu 18.04.



A username generator for anonymous use cases. A simple script to parse input from two source files appended with a random number, into 10 unique usernames. The general use case being for private online internet access for sensitive applications and purposes. This can be used for recreational accounts, if desired.


Wordlist Crackers

A collection of tools I have made to complete challenges, and to prove useful when testing security as an ethical hacker. Python Libraries were leveraged with intelligent recursion to generate brute force wordlists are verify if any matches were found with FTP, SSH, ZIP & PDF.



A project made to illustrate the capability to itterate through common human behaviours when choosing a password. A PoC showing my understanding of itterative password generation.


Secured PHP Website

A event management site to demonstrate skills relating to secure programming. The following was the focus: Input validation, prepared statements, heredoc and abstracted programming. The skill of theoretical website design and practical implementation was also tested here.